High Stakes, High Waters

I’ve seen many accounts this morning of a lot of really rough days yesterday. You are definitely not alone no matter how much your thoughts try to tell you that you are. Yesterday was a rough day for many, including me, but today is a new day and today we can all embrace new mercies.

The struggle may be real, but as long as we have breath the promise stands much taller than the threat of defeat. I typically hate pep talks when I’m “in my feelings”. I don’t want to hear how the air will breathe so much fresher on the other side of my despair. I just want to shake my fist at God (just a little bit though) and be upset. What I learned yesterday is, it is okay to meet an obstacle, name it an obstacle, and stare at it for a while. When the stakes are high and your calling is far beyond what you can imagine, the waters do tend to rise. Yesterday I learned that if I rise with the waters I also become taller and can pass over what is trying to block my vision.

If I’m being honest, yesterday the MixxLife site was coming down and the archives would have lived in my heart and yours. I had a conversation with someone recently about how difficult it can be for me to write and write and write some more and never really know the impact it’s making. The Internet is a funny one-sided place. But then I did a search on the almost doomed MixxLife.com and found a blog that lifted me up. A moment of clarity came and I realized it is not all for not.

Whatever you are facing, if you are facing it in the midst of a God sized promise not yet manifested, you are not alone. We all struggle and opposition would lead you to be believe your problem is a giant and you are facing that giant alone. Truth is, we feel isolated and our problems seem larger because they are closer to your heart and taking up more space in your field of vision than the solution. Yesterday I found the solution to feeling alone and being seemingly asked to stretch too far and wide by God. Tell Him about it. He gets it. And while I didn’t go to bed feeling much better, I woke up this morning knowing His mercies are new every morning and with that mindset the giants are a bit smaller and I’m rising with the waters.

Love you all -Brandice


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