He’s Everything

!Happy New Year

So for the first BTS of the year I’ve decided to fill everyone in on my biggest discovery of anyone’s life who’s ever lived. This includes fire, the wheel, and penicillin. Even with a glimpse into who God is, His plan for the all of everything, and how He feels about all of us, we haven’t scratched the surface. This isn’t meant to send anyone into an existential crisis, I’ve just realized if I am not in awe of God in each moment I am made aware of who He is and His presence, I have sadly missed the point of capitalizing on this existence. It’s almost as if I do not need to know the plan or get a glimpse at the blueprint. I just need to remain completely taken by who God is and what He is capable of. Most of the time these are things I can’t even imagine. This leads me to really begin to grasp who I am in Him. If just thinking about God sends me into awestruck euphoria, then thinking about the plan He has for me makes me want to clutch my pearls.

God is crazy big, and crazy amazing. Anytime I’m found dragging myself out of or into another day, I always question pretty much everything. Then God does something incredible and He is the only one who can do this and not seem like a complete narcissist. He gently reminds Me of how amazing He is and His capacity to love, especially when I do not love myself. So, to be held, encouraged, and lulled into a peaceful state of amazement by the One who holds the all of all, it is My prayer that we all come back to this reminder which for me, is the beginning of regaining perspective.

God is amazing and He knows your name.

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Continue to love, continue to share the Word.



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