Say It Out Loud

So, I realized something today. Even as I have dedicated my life to hearing God’s voice and delivering the words and messages He gives me, I sometimes struggle with who God has said I am and the place I hold in His heart. Then it hit me, all I have to do is believe. I love that revelations from God are always mind-glowingly simple, and for me, 100% of the time, found in times of worship and surrender. SIDEBAR– If you haven’t really worshipped, just you and God, one-on-one, you should really try it. Amazing things happen when we stop everything else and worship God with complete abandon.

I think many times we say what we think we hear, and we talk about what we think God has put us here to do but may not truly in the depths of our souls believe it. I also believe we can only internalize who God says we are when we really believe and have a clear revelation that He loves us in the crazy amazing way He proclaims to love us.

I had to take a moment and really sit with God and out loud say what He has said is true about me. In that moment I felt a shift. I felt a huge weight fall off, almost like every enemy assigned to stop me from speaking the truth of who I am and how God feels about me had to leave. It was amazing. I realized the one truth that matters — God will always allow me to enter into His courts, He will always take me back when I stray, He will always forgive me and He loves me. This is separate from the pursuit of purpose so many of us are obsessed with. This was just about relationship. A moment spent only holding the intention to be with Jesus will open the door to everything else we want God to reveal to us. I just had to out loud proclaim and believe it to be true. I used to be a real proponent of strong, silent prayer. Today I realized when we open our mouths and tell the natural realm the truth of who God has said we are in spirit, and the truth of His love and affection for us, things have to shift.

Say it out loud even when you don’t feel like it.

Your greatest weapon is the proclamation and commitment to this truth. You are exactly who God says you are, God loves you, He has filled you with specific purpose, He only has good things to say about you, He sings over you, He is always there to embrace you, and when you call on Him, He will come. Saying things out loud saturates the atmosphere in a way us strong silent types cannot accomplish in our cocoon of prayer. So today whole-heartedly I proclaim and believe with everything in me that I am a prophet and harvester of veils, brought up out of my small life by His hand and charged with delivering His word to all of you. With a heart to serve only Him I am committed to seeing this world change by the manifestation of God’s highest promise — on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Who are you?


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