Trading My thoughts for your own, My desires for what you once desired, My thoughts for yours is a process. You tell Me in your surrender that you are willing to attach yourself to Me and receive what I have for you until what you once were, which was destroying you, is replaced with what will cause you to thrive and prosper. There are many ways to come to Me, transfusion is a slow process. To slowly filter Myself through you through the awakening of your spirit and your connection to Me is a beautiful process. So much beauty in watching you trust and transform. When you allow the transfusion, you make room for a level of relationship with Me that causes Heaven to manifest through you. A transfusion of the attributes of your Father through the awakening to your purpose is one way to come to Me, but there is another way. Open heart surgery.

Your worship and surrender becomes the scalpel. You take your hold of your heart through surrender, worship and time with Me and allow Me to remove it. I remove it, broken and bruised. You come to understand all that pumps through this heart sends brokenness and bruised emotions and thoughts through every part of your body. In this, you become sustained by what is also killing you. If you will allow Me to rip away what is destroying you, I will replace it with My heart. I will place inside of you what will bring you everlasting life and abundance of revelation, knowledge, healing, wisdom, faith, miracles, and everything you need to live the life I am calling you to. Be willing to lay down and be cut open, I will give you what is most precious — the heart of your Father.


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