You are made in Me. Not made in flesh or in attributes, you are made in process. You are made in each moment you seek Me. In each moment we spend together you are made. You are made to gain revelation of who you are in spirit. You are made to know your purpose and pursue the manifestation of that purpose throughout the process of being made. You are made whole in Me. You are made new in Me. It is in the enveloping embrace of My arms that you are made. It is in this embrace I begin to rework what you have built and cause it to take on the attributes of your Father. You are made in worship.

Worship with all of your might. Not to physically exhaust yourself, but to take all that mentally consumes you and cast it before Me until you are made spirit. This is the pursuit in unceasing worship. To be completely emptied of all that comes to distract you opens up all of who you are to be made. To gain revelation of the knowledge of the image you are created in. You are not made once, not even twice, not even three times, you are infinitely made. Infinitely reimagined, infinitely purposed. How I make you in this season will not be how I make you in the next. Each attribute of you created in the infinite image of My Spirit is an attribute that lends itself seasonally to the Kingdom. Do not seek to attain for or be one thing. Only seek this — to be made by My hand in each encounter that brings you into the fullness of who you are in the earth.

You are brilliantly thought of and revered in Heaven as a child of the Lord of hosts. One who has angels at your disposal and the resources of Heaven to be revealed in each moment you surrender to be made. Do not fear anything for it all sits on My fingertips ready to be made into what I desire and command. Embrace the unknown of being made, for in this season, as I am shifting all you know, you will need to know how to be made into what this time is calling for — spirits transcending the natural and ushering in the Holy and sovereign presence of My Spirit. Be made. New.


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