No clear line of where you begin and I end. No concept of the difference between My heartbeat and yours. You breathe in and I breathe out. You smile and I feel joy. I sing and you dance. This is what it means to be close with Me. To have no start and no finish but  to live in the just is. Was, is, now, then, later, it makes no difference, I just want to be close. I want to share with you the forever I see in you and allow you to experience the everlasting you will find in Me.


Close, being close, knowing what it means to be close does not come in asking to be close, it comes with seeking to be close. Seeking to be close is a language only your heart speaks. I can hear your thoughts and what you speak, but I feel your heart. I feel what your heart wants and that is what moves Me. Your heart, the longing only it can create, the yearning for a thing, this draws Me near. You cannot falsify a longing. Your heart will tell truths even when that truth is leading you astray. Your heart is governed by what cannot be said, and when you marry the language of your heart with the purity of your spirit, we become close.


Your spirit begins to sing through your heart, this is the music Heaven rejoices in. Seek Me in purity of spirit and truth of the song of your heart. I will draw near to you and you will know what it means to be close. Our footsteps will be one, and your eyes will see from My perspective. I want to be close with you. I want you to experience all I have from the perspective of Heaven. I will bring Heaven through you by the song of your heart. Sing for Me and I will sing over you.


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