Even the most powerful people have a yearning to dance. Those who rule nations have a space in their heart for someone special. Those who carry the burdens of others have a moment where a light in someone’s eye sends them into complete joy. Your Father rules all, knows all, has power over all, yet sings over you.

I create and command the all of all and I desire you, hold you, and whisper how much you mean to Me. If I, the Creator, can leave My throne and place My hands on your broken body, you who may have charge or responsibilities in your life can stop and dance with your Father.

Do not live with a stiff neck and rigid heart. I smile and I rule. I give and I sing. I, your Father, who has defeated death, will take your hand and walk in the meadow with you and show you the beautiful thoughts I’ve had, one being you. Look at what I’ve created, some serious and some full of a playful nature. If your God, who holds the world in the palm of My hand can sing over you, then you too can find the soft ground in the midst of the jagged path you are sometimes tasked with walking on.



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