For all that you can see there is much more that you cannot see. It is the unseeing that frustrates most of you. For many,  you in part know what you are not seeing and therefore cannot see what is in front of you. Even when what is in front of you does not resemble what you know you cannot see you still miss one simple fact. I see all.

This relationship is built on knowing and trusting that I can see what you cannot. You must know that I can bring things in and out of your field of vision and I do not hide from you, I am constantly revealing. There is always something in your field of vision. There is always something in front of you. Whether you wish to view what is in front of you or not, the simple fact remains, what is in front of you is what you are seeing. Not seeing the entire picture is not a reason to stop believing.

Life is not perfect. You are not perfect. Perfection only exists in one tangible place for you, and that is in your relationship with Me. Being close with Me gives you access to what is perfect and pure. Having access to My perfection gives you the opportunity to shift what is in front of you. As you tap into Me, I grant you access and give you revelation of how to bring what is out of focus, but made clear through promise, into focus.

Our relationship is about access. I gain access to your yielded heart and you gain access to abundant and eternal life. I trade your sorrow for My joy. I exchange your confusion for My clarity. It’s about giving. Give of yourself first to Me then to others and you will experience the beautiful cycle of impartation. You need Me to impart into you and you need to impart into others. If you focus on that, if you focus on what I have placed in your view and in your grasp, you then declare to Me that you trust Me to bring what you cannot see into your hands.

A life mourning the uncertain future is a life wasted. A life rejoicing in the promises I make while embracing each present moment is a life that maximizes the life I deemed worth saving. Live for now and retain the revelation of where you are headed. This is how you walk the path. This is how you find joy in what you may not understand.


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