Your name has been inscribed in My heart. Your name rings clearly in the ears of Heaven. I have taught you the place you hold with Me. I have told you numerous times we are to be in constant communication as I carry out My covenant with you to be all you need. As you will have Me so will I show up in your life. I will be with, for, and in you in every circumstance, but you lack community. You experience ineffectiveness because you have not been made aware of the importance of those I have also inscribed your name upon and theirs upon you.

There are others who carry pieces of the plan you seek. I do not call one to do what many can accomplish. If there is a tower to be built, would one man work day and night to see it to its fruition? No, I will call many to carry the stones that erect what I have purposed. It is time to shift. It is time to live for Me as you have been and open your eyes to the urging of the Holy Spirit to begin to partner with those who carry a portion of what I have given you the vision of the whole of.

I have not called all to build an empire but I have called two or more to gather in My name for the advancement of the Kingdom. Begin to use discernment in your meetings with people. Open your heart and do not fear for I am keeping you. People will enter your life, be slow to cast them aside. Listen to their heart and embrace kindred spirits. Do not huddle with those who possess like stripes. Draw near to those who possess a strikingly different color that is essential to the completion of the vision I cast before your eyes. If you immediately judge no one worthy then how can you see the precious stone as I have seen the precious gem in the midst of your chaos? Everyone is not meant to speak as you speak, but I will draw those to you who can translate your language to many nations.

You have guarded your heart and you will not fall back into your false life. It is time to embrace those I send to you and begin to build the kingdom that will shine bright while all else is shaking. Do not curse where you are, for if you have been with Me, then I am with you where you currently stand. Open your spirit wide to take in all I am imparting, then lock arms with those I send you and walk on powerful adjoining paths to purpose.


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