For a thing to shatter, in most cases it is beyond repair. The pieces of the whole too broken and scattered to rebuild. My children may be broken, they may be in despair, they may even be shattered by life’s experiences, but you must know, there is no fragmented version of yourself that is beyond repair in My eyes. I, the master Creator see you in your entirety. I see you whole in every circumstance. Do not be afraid to come to Me with the shattered pieces of your life in your hand. Give them to Me and I will set them aside and rebuild you. I will remake you more brilliant and full of purpose then you ever were before. Some hold the broken pieces of their lives in their hands and instead of giving it to Me, they shed tears over the shards that continue to cut into hands that are meant to heal. You are blessed with healing hands. Give the jagged pieces to Me and allow Me to mend the wounds this broken life has caused you.

I rejoice in healing and restoration. I rejoice and sing over those who come to Me bloody and broken and humble themselves, not in shame, but in surrender. I know you cannot carry the burden on your own. I want you to experience a real and pure love. I want you to know the beauty and wholeness of a pure love, a love that can only be experienced through relationship with Me. Even your happiest moments are lacking if they are not grounded in My love.

Do not fear being shattered. In this life, in this world, it is sure to happen. You will be shattered by a world that seeks to consume you, but I am here to fit you into a new mold. One that is not easily broken. One that stands tall and is protected by My hand. Every breaking process you experience, even if by My hand, if surrendered to Me, you will emerge a beautiful and new creation.


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