Why would you fear death and disease when your righteousness and salvation is found in Me? I, who has the ability to walk into deaths lair and command what can and cannot be. Smile in the face of fear. Turn your back on thoughts of destruction. It is in this time I have spoken that everything will be shaken but those who remain in Me will be saved. You will prosper in a time of great turmoil and confusion. You will be set in high places when the lowly ground begins to quake. You will sit with Me and I will smile upon you. You will sit at My feet and sing songs of praise. You will sit at My feet and I will tell you of the time to come. A time of peace and great prosperity for My children.

Do not fear, for fear becomes your declaration that what I speak is not true. Do not tremble at the feet of the One who comes to save you. Rejoice and renew your mind. The spirit realm prepares for the day that what I have spoken will come. I will dwell amongst you. My Spirit is preparing to descend upon you. A willing, pure, and yielded heart will reap the blessings from Heaven. Prepare your heart with songs of praise. Prepare your mind with humble prayer. Prepare your spirit with the richness of the Word. Seek revelation, seek to know where My Spirit will dwell. It is in this place My glory will spread throughout the lands. Praise will go out from this place and a light will shine into the Heavens. Do not fear what is to come, instead begin to praise for the time is near.

If you feel nothing, sing louder, I will manifest in the midst of the sound of your praise and surrender.


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