From Bondservant to Brother

You have been living as a bondservant. You have been living as one who takes the mercy of others and casts yourself down before them in appreciation of their acceptance of you. You have laid at the feet of those who have charge over you. You have served them both haughtily and with humility. You have learned a price of humility must be paid to those I have placed above you. Your time, your effort, your emotions, have all gone into serving the one who pays a wage for your work. It is time to be elevated.

This elevation will first come in revelation and knowledge. I will move you from servant to brother. I am imparting all you need to become valuable, not to the product, but to the man. What worth does someone have if they cannot pour out what I pour in? You have studied the Word. You have submitted yourself to the process of remembering who you are. Now it is time to become a true son and a true brother. Raised up through trial and iniquity, you have found your rightful place with Me, and now I send you back into the places where you were a servant, to influence those who have stood above you. You will cause them to smell the sweet fragrance of grace and love. By the word of your testimony you will share who you’ve become. The words I will give you will cause all men to reach for every good thing I have placed in you because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

You are an heir, you are a son, you are a brother. You are not stuck, you are not invisible. I am touching your lips now and causing you to pour out the honey of My word upon the lands. You will speak their language and they will come to you for the nectar from Heaven. You will train them up and I will send them out. I will soften the hearts and minds of those who do not believe. I will give you the words to say. I will make you valuable in the eyes of kings before I name you king just as David was to Saul. Just as Paul sent Onesimus, who was living on the name and grace of Paul, one who was merely a servant, back into his masters house to be received as brother, so am I sending you into the world, covered in My grace and backed by My name. You, the least of these, who will make My name great and rule the nations.


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