To be broken by My hand is a gift, for I do not break what I do not intend to mend. Today I am your mender. Today each area of your life that has experienced a season of shaking will be mended. You only need to trust Me. You only need to know I am not a destroyer, I am the Creator. Today I want to recreate all you have trusted Me to break down. Today I want to wrap you in My arms and rebuild you. Today I want to be your mender.

A broken heart will not do. A broken dream will not do. A broken sense of trust will not do. Rely on Me today. Today I am your mender. I know it hurts to surrender. I know it can be painful to give up all you’ve ever known and walk with Me. How beautiful it is to watch My children take My hand and learn to live with abandon. You’ve learned to look through adversity and see My face in the midst of your storm. Blessed is the one who puts all of their trust in the Lord. Righteous is the one who knows the boundless reach of My grace. You will not toil by the sweat of your brow, you will become a mirror of who I am. You will create. After being mended you will walk upright in truth. You will seek and find. You will ask and it will be given to you. You will know Me and I will know you.

My love for you has no match. It is endless and it is whole. Learn to know My heart and plan for you in each new day I bring to you. For today’s plan is great. Today’s plan is to see you made whole. Today’s plan is for you to embrace Me as your mender.


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