Significance is not found in the task but in the heart. To seek significance is to seek an emotion not a doing. As the emotion varies from person to person so does the revelation of what becomes significant in My presence. If you want to be significant pray for the revelation of a heart molded specifically. A heart molded for a true purpose. This is where you will find meaning. Lasting significance is a gift. If you seek to now possess the feeling of lasting significance in any area of your life, you have tapped into a form of the everlasting. You have tapped into a bit of eternity.

You must know significance is not in the eye of the beholder, it is in the heart of the believer. Someone who comes to know and believe they are here, not for a specific reason, but a significant reason, is someone who can live their days with an unfaltering joy. Joy is not held in validation, joy is held in the revelation that you are purposed and in the eyes of your Father you hold a significant place in My heart which translates to the emotion of feeling significant in your own.

No one can give you true significance. The lasting feeling of belonging or being someone who matters comes from Me. Let no man give you what will break you if it is lost. Fill yourself with the attributes of your Father — joy, peace, hope, faith, and love. These things will hold you when the night is long. These things will show you the significance of being one with Me so you may go out and be whole with others.


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