In the shadow of My covering I am hiding you. I know all that will take root to bind you to burning soil. I am here. I will plant you on lush and fertile ground. I will cast out all that seeks to shroud you in darkness. You may not yet be standing in the marvelous light I have promised, but you are standing in the keeping shadow of My covering. I love you. I have not left you.

There are so many pressing through to promise. There are so many standing in the shadow of My wing and the enemy has lied. He has told you you are forgotten. He has told you I have turned from you. He has told you the darkness you feel is because My Spirit has left you. This is not true. I am standing with you. My mighty hand covering you, casting a long shadow all around you. I am building you. I am teaching you. I am equipping you to stand in the sun with Angels at your side. Angels who are prepared to carry you into the new season which is upon you.

I have not nor will I ever leave or forsake you. Forsake all that comes to steal your joy. Expose the lies of the accuser and rest in the shadow of My wings. Standing in My shadow is a cool holding place that rejuvenates you to withstand the heat of the sun that is sure to come. It is not the same as standing in the darkness the enemy would like you to believe you are shrouded in.
When My hand shifts from covering you to elevating you, we will stand in the sun together and you will behold a new world. Bask in the shadow for the marvelous light is upon you.



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