I have placed you beneath the one who serves you. Until you understand this, you will never truly have any power or authority in this world. A rich man will always give with abandon, a poor man will only give what he can afford. Do not cling to your standards, cling to love. I do not concern Myself with status or stature. Things gained in the natural hold the weight of air.

What standards do you live by?

If it is not one of complete surrender to your purpose, destiny, and service to others, you have missed the mark. I will always offer you all-encompassing ideas and words to live by. Living under the law of love holds all of creation within it. Living for love is what will rightly govern and guide you in all you do.

Simplify your list, live for relationship with Me and seek to operate under the all-consuming covering of love. Everything else you seek is a futile mission to live with and within standards that will not save you from the drought that is on the horizon.


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