It is by faith your hopes are made manifest and by grace you are able to walk into the promises I have made. Faith, hope, and grace are the trinity in which your life begins to function properly. When you have the revelation of the power of faith, hope, and grace, you understand what moves the heart of your Father. It is by grace you are able to operate in the power and authority I have promised you. Grace brings change because I create space within you, and the world around you to walk upright in the promises I have made. It is because of grace that you not only hope, but you produce because of the power of the substance of faith.

Grace causes Me to look favorably upon you. I look upon you with kindness and love, even in the moments you fall short, it is my kindness toward you that allows you to stand upright again and walk in favor and in your inheritance. Grace brings My heart to you as an open hand which extends every kindness and mercy in spite of your wickedness. It is by grace you are made whole. It is by grace you walk into the throne room of Heaven and are received with open arms. Our relationship is made possible through grace. Your open eyes and elevated perspective reach into the supernatural, allowing you to operate separate from this world because of grace.

Come to understand the power of grace and you will understand the power of forgiveness. I look favorably upon those who humble themselves under grace and lay down on their faces for others to have pure ground to walk upon. For you find your foundation in the grace I have extended to you. Broken in the body of Christ, grace came upon the lands and washed them clean. Now put yourself in lowly places and freely invite your flesh to be broken for the sake of those around you. This is where you will find favor, for I cannot turn away from a son or daughter who understands the power of grace given and grace extended. Meet this day with an outstretched hand to receive grace from Me, then immediately extend it to another. Cast aside how they have wronged you, their unbridled tongue and misplaced beliefs. Extend grace abundantly today and My favor toward you will overtake you in every humble step you take.


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