As today marks a day of new beginnings, you must understand what is happening in the spirit. Renewal in the spirit realm comes in one form, a word from My mouth which overturns all that has been established outside of the whole of who I am. Renewal means wholeness. It means the fragments of ideas that attempt to come against the plan that has been completed at the beginning of creation, are cast down, and you are set on a renewed path to realizing your purpose and destiny. Everything has the potential to be made new in Me, and as you learn the beauty in relinquishing your plans, thoughts, and ideas to Me, you come into an understanding of the pursuit and ultimately the gain and grasp of wholeness. You begin to live as you were meant when the beautiful thought of you left My heart and was spoken into existence.

Revelation of renewal is the catalyst to living beyond the grasp of bondage. You are made new in every moment you seek revelation of who I am and where My hand is guiding you. Out of the brilliant light of My love, you are a mere shadow walking amongst others shadows. Seek the revelation of renewal and the power in shedding what once kept you bound, and take on the holy garment of praise and right relationship with Me. Renewal is yours as often as you need it, but in the spirit there are times of complete overturn and renewal. An opening in the Heavens for those who have gained revelation of My timing, to reach out and take hold of the promises and blessings of your Father.

This is a time where the enemy is held at bay by My love and I allow you to walk into a new dimension and season of your life by simply acknowledging that I have given you the authority to do so. You are ever moving, ever evolving, and your spirit is ever seeking to regain its rightful place within the Kingdom. Now is the time to lay down all that you have bound yourself with, and understand through grace you have been made right and whole in this moment. Embrace the renewal that is occurring in the spirit, for it is powerful and immeasurable. It will come again, but this is a special time for you to lay hold of all you have been battling with as the seemingly impossible future I have promised you. Reach into the spirit realm with an outstretched hand and open heart. I will meet you there with a new covenant. A covenant that will bring you into a powerful season of renewal.

Pray for the revelation of the seasons of your Father. They are meant for you. There come times where the calendar of your Father cannot be contested by any power or principality, you only need to embrace the truth that you can step into this new season and continue down your powerfully purposed path to your destiny, and the unprecedented manifestation of My presence.


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