Your purpose is carried within your worship. It is the vessel which is vital in each season, trial and triumph in your life. This vessel must be strong or you will be capsized in every attempt to cross troubled seas. In times where you are upon calm waters, your worship is the wind in your sails which keeps you moving on your path to purpose. Through your worship you are able to experience, advance, and strengthen your purpose. Worship is the fabric that keeps you warm. It is the light that extinguishes darkness. It is the sword that keeps the enemy at bay. It is the fortress that protects your mind and your spirit. Your worship is the language that speaks life over all you do.

With your worship you entice the manifestation of purpose. With your worship you call out to new dimensions and cause them to reveal themselves. Your worship is the key to unlocking your purpose and moving you through difficulty. If the sacrifice of Jesus is your salvation, then your worship is how you harvest the fruit of that sacrifice. When you worship all of Heaven begins to shine an all consuming light upon you. This light fuels you in and through every season of your life. When you worship, My Spirit comes upon you, I wrap My arms around you and carry you into deeper revelation. When you worship, you open up your spirit to do what it was made to do– talk with and bring songs and words of praise to Me. These words of adoration and declaration are keys and as you go deeper more doors are opened until you find yourself in the throne room with no barrier between you and Me.

This is when I pour into you. It is in this moment I lift you up and set you in your rightful place within the Kingdom. Come to Me in worship and experience the over and ever flowing river of My love and presence. Before we shake nations, I would like to sit with you and show you what a pure love feels like. You will need this when you enter into your season of change and reign. You will need to know how to return to Me and how to carry Me with you in this new season. It begins with your worship.


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