Existing within the Heavenly places means you live elevated and as an unearthly being. One who is not conformed by this world but transformed by the renewing of their mind, is one who in each moment is seeking the perspective of Heaven, and has their eye focused on what is happening around them in a different dimension. As you wrestle not against flesh and blood, you are aware and attuned to the treasure you carry and how enticing it is for the enemy to siphon off what you carry in spirit to use the power he is not granted for his own evil devices.


You are spirit, therefore you must war in spirit. Do not cast your eyes upon what lies in front of you, and attempt to swing a battle-axe at what requires a strong utterance from your spirit to defeat. Always prepare for your emotions to lead you astray and cause you to focus on what will present as a threat, but is merely a distraction. Do not turn your eyes away from what occurs in spirit. Do not cast your eyes downward as I am calling you to look above where you are and pull down the strongholds as you elevate yourself above them.


When you war against what comes to attack you in spirit, you must use the battle resources and elements of Heaven if you are to succeed. You must put on the whole armor of your Father. These things you cannot possess outside of calling them into manifestation by the grace and spiritual authority given to you as your inheritance by the eternal conquering of evil by Jesus. The breast-plate of righteousness which is brought upon you by faith, will protect what is most valuable– the power you carry in spirit. The shield of faith is knowing by the power you possess as a child of Mine, you are protected by Me through faith, and are supported by hosts of angels who do battle on your behalf. The sword of the spirit comes to you through the utterances of the Holy Spirit, to speak into the spirit realm and rebuke all that comes to devour you. The helmet of salvation is your protection from what seeks to pour false ideas and wrong thoughts into your mind. Your belt of truth, is your sacrificial stance to remain holy in battle and not succumb to temptations of the flesh which will distract you from the task at hand. The sandals of peace, allow you to walk in grace and leave footprints of peace wherever you travel.


Putting on the armor teaches you what is valuable and honorable in battle. When you wear your armor daily, you are marked by My Spirit, and are identified as one who is shielded by The One who commands all of Heaven and Earth. Take every bit of attack you experience and place your focus on what occurs in the spirit, which aims to cause you to remain veiled and ineffective. If you bring your battles to those around you, you are like a blind child, attempting to fight a giant but only harms themselves. Be wise in your encounters, and with an elevated perspective, you will be able to walk in love, and powerfully rebuke all principalities which disguise themselves as flesh. The day of false battles is coming to an end, as I teach you how to war in spirit, and defeat what has had a foothold on the minds of so many. Not only will you not war with each other, but you will not be used to war against another. Protect yourself in spirit, fight your battles in spirit, and I will go ahead of you with words of fire that consumes and forever destroys all that seeks to drag you into the clutches of a false and doomed existence.


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