Where does transformation begin? Do you begin to transform when you accept your savior? Do you transform as you attempt to live your life in a way that is pleasing to your Father? Do you experience transformation as you read and study the Word and the accounts of those who have gone before you? Or is there no transformation that takes place? If you truly seek to walk in all you are called to, you will never transform, you will begin to remember. I am always calling you into a place of remembrance. I have always called you to discover the truth of who you are and remember who I created you to be, and the relationship I want us to have. The lies have been sown so deep into your false consciousness that it now presents as truth. You are now a believer that you are merely human, merely flesh experiencing the world from an insufficient place.

Yes the fall set you up to forever set you back, but you are now living in a new era. You are living in a time you were always meant for. A time that can only surface change as you move from seeking transformation to understanding the power of remembering. You will remember by experiences and flashes of truth in spirit. It will feel like waking up from a deep and all-consuming slumber. It will make you uneasy, you will have trouble defining it and explaining it to others. It will present as haze in front of what you currently know to be true. Embrace it, I am pulling you into a new dimension.

The manifestation of the shift, and the promises over your life, will not be achieved as a second-hand spiritual experience guided by and fully contained within your flesh.  You will have to remember. The shift is a becoming. I cannot shift into the hands of those who are sleeping all that will shake the foundation of the Earth. You have to become spirit. You have to become one who lives in the world understanding the container that is at the mercy and will of what is true, is a servant of a citizen of Heaven sent here to enjoy this magnificent place I created for you. It was always about relationship, it was never about survival. If you will awaken from your slumber you will experience Eden.



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