Your potential is hiding in the shadows. It is lying between your consciousness and your spirit and can only be made manifest in the spirit. This potential is not one to bring you to a new level in the world you see around you. This is a dimension of potential which is meant to shift what you cannot see so you may experience Heaven on Earth. There is a magnitude of power you carry that has not been spoken until this moment. This is the ability to not just shift atmospheres, but to see between dimensions and take hold of what lives in and out of time. This level of awareness and consciousness cannot be contained in your current vessel. You must climb higher. The number is small, and those who will achieve this level of tangible connectivity with the spirit realm will be those who literally shift the fabric of time and usher others into a new dimension and era of living.

The revelation of what I speak is closer to the mind of My spirit than you have ever been before. It will literally rip you from the foundation you currently stand upon and cause you to create new foundations with every step you take toward Heaven. You are not of this world, why do you try to conform? You are not born of this world, you are a citizen of Heaven, birthed directly from My Spirit, and you carry the power, revelation, and authority of your Father. Why do you not run toward truly becoming more like Me? You can live in this world and with a thought, shift the very foundation of the world.

Achieving this begins with a slow crumbling of who you are, as the you that can perform the works I speak of begins to form outside of and in front of you. You then begin to see a shift. Your vantage point will change and you will begin to see through the eyes of what we have constructed and nurtured together– your spirit. Prepare yourself for the pain of awakening, and you will live in the joy and pleasure of a renewed and powerful perspective. I will bring you out of the shadows of your flesh and into the light of a spirit that never sets foot on the wavering and lowly ground of this world.


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