You’ve seen fractions of My glory in the shadows of your praise. You’ve knelt down and cried out for on outpouring of My Spirit to overtake you. In the moments where you’ve felt a glimmer of My presence, you know there is more, but you are unsure how to truly experience My presence in a profound and tangible way. You are not praying wrong, and that last encounter you had, was not a one time thing. The key is you cannot search for glory you’ve already seen and experienced. Even in this moment as I am speaking, I have already reached another dimension. I have already ascended to another level and I am calling you higher. I am calling you to no longer long for or linger in the moment we shared. I am calling you to begin to reach forward knowing I am already in the next big moment of revealing Myself to you, which will take you to the next level.

Heaven is always shifting and has done so since the beginning of time. My Spirit is always moving, and I am always looking upon the Earth for a people who are willing to stretch beyond themselves and come to know Me as I truly am — all things with no limits. If you think of Me from your spirit, then you will begin to understand who I am. There is no right way to imagine how I may move and manifest in the earth. I am everything you have seen and greater than that, I am everything you will never lay eyes upon as long as you exist in this world.

If enlargement is what you seek, you have to be willing to let go of everything you know in every moment. You have to come to know that as you are willing to release what I give you, and reach for it no more, that I am already ahead of you with My hand outstretched to give you the next thing. Moving quickly in and out of dimensions, styles of prayer and worship, and interactions with My Spirit, has to become the normal way of operating in the world. If you cannot keep a grasp on what is happening in this moment, let it go and release it to Me, I will then move you into a dimension where you will be able to plant your feet and gain understanding. I will then show you how this new level is a spring-board to take you into the next dimension. You will then know how to go from level, to level, to level, and understand in the spirit, there is no way to go back to what you once knew. You will only be moving forward, chasing Me into the everlasting as I lead you into the world-changing perspective of Heaven.


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