Perfection is not found in your ability to not sin. Perfection is found in your ability to love and rebuke the fog that comes to distract you from your purpose. You will find perfection in your seeking to love as I love and keep your word as I keep mine. I am able to bless the work of your hands and the words from your lips when you are positioning yourself to receive from Me directly and never hoarding what you are blessed with. A person who is willing to give everything away at a moments notice from My Spirit, is one who has found the path to perfection.


Your mistakes shrink in the face of a heart that is seated in the right posture. A person who leads with forgiveness is one I look upon and call a good creation. A person who will give up what they have worked tirelessly for in the name of love, is one I can elevate. A person who lives to pour out love on all I send to them, is one who has found the secret to casting away your flesh and living in the perfect light of your spirit.


Your spirit, which is a direct reflection of Me, is perfect, because I am perfect. You are only led astray, distracted, and without power and purpose when you allow what you experience in the natural to dictate your words, thoughts, and actions. Seeking perfection does not excuse you from being humble. One who is humble is perfect. A humble spirit is one I rejoice in elevating to pursue and achieve greater purpose and works. Your spirit is the only compass you need to travel in right direction, thought, and mindset. Your spirit holds the answers you seek, and everything you need will be revealed as you become more committed to a deep and intimate relationship with Me.


The key is in what causes you to draw closer to Me. Your spirit longs to pray, longs to worship, and longs to lead you into all I have promised you. Begin to lean into and understand who you truly are in spirit and you will know what it means to be perfect. You will come to know perfection in wholeness and right thinking. You will begin to live with a skill and wisdom this world has not seen, because perfect skill and wisdom is a gift from Heaven which is only known by your spirit.


Seek perfection by positioning your spirit at the forefront of all you do and you will have the right perspective of what I require and the right expectation of what I am looking to fulfill in and through you.

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