What is prayer, but a series of moments to commune with your Father? It is a time to rejoice, to tell Me your heart, and to spend time in thankfulness and worship. As I have been teaching you to trust and seek Me, you have gained revelation about the manifestation of promise and purpose. You have come to know My characteristics, and you have also experienced how I speak with and show up for you. You have spent nights worrying, until I revealed what worry brings. You have spent days wondering, until I revealed that you need not wonder the outcome, but you will experience wonder when My power and might is shown in your life. Yes, there will be times when I am quiet, but this does not mean I have forgotten you.


The only thing I have forgotten, is your sin and shortcomings. When you are unsure of the direction you should go, or feel I have left you in a desert, you must know I have not forgotten you. To insert the feeling of being forgotten in your prayer time with Me, is a testament that you have forgotten. You have forgotten My promises, you have forgotten that I am sure to perform what I purpose. You have forgotten that I will never let go of you. What has been set in motion, is sure to come to pass because it has been spoken by your Father. I who holds all of Heaven and Earth in the palm of My hand, has not forgotten about the path I set you upon. The path that was revealed to you to follow. No, surely, I have not forgotten. To suggest so is an insult to our relationship, My love for you, and My word that I cannot go back on what I have promised you. It is set, and it is done. You now must walk it out with sure faith.


I do not forget those who are faithful. I do not forget My children, even in their greatest time of need or despair, I have not forgotten. You are My first love. You are the beautiful thought I had, that has a sure place in the Earth to perform a mighty work as you continue to discover your purpose. Do not suggest that I have left you. In those moments you are creating a space for the enemy to run rampant through your thoughts, causing you to feel you have misstepped in trusting Me. What is the alternative? Will you place your trust in him? The one who only seeks to siphon off your power to use it for his own evil devices. Surely you must know I have you in a better interest than you could ever imagine. I am your Father, your creator, and your friend. Forgotten? No child, I am moving you into remembering who you are.

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