My Joy

Why is My joy your strength? Why do I point you to joy when you are surrounded by fear and sorrow? Joy is like light, it casts out all darkness. More importantly, joy confuses the enemy. The unexplainable joy that I am imparting to you will scatter your enemies when you are in a time of needing to rebuild or refocus. I am a God of purpose and strategy. When you do not know why I move and pull you into what you do not understand, you must know I am holding all outcomes. Because I hold you in My hand, if you are willing to be led, I will move you around what comes to harm you, and place you where you will find good strategy and joy.

There is strength in joy because there is weakness in sorrow. This example of opposites is what causes the Earth to move in seasons and allows you the choice –fear or love, sorrow or joy. Joy is strength because happiness cannot sustain you. Happiness is but a fleeting emotion and impostor to joy. True joy transcends all circumstance, a wise person seeks joy. When you have joy, you have accepted a solid foundation and light as the base upon which you place all of your decisions and emotions. When you operate from a place of joy, you also become humble. You become one who places another before yourself because this is what I find joy in. When you take upon My joy as your strength, things begin to work in your favor because I also delight in one who seeks and possesses joy.

Let joy be the ground you walk upon. Let joy be the honey from your lips, and the posture of your heart. When you are presented with sorrow, understand I know what it means to watch your joy sit under the cast shadow of life and life’s circumstances. But, if you can come to know that I work all things for the good of those who seek Me, even in moments of sorrow I extend revelation to find joy. It is joy that will guide you out of moments of fear and despair. It is joy that will cause you to love and live in the light of what is everlasting. I extend to you today joy, and with that, find your strength to overcome what has sought out to bind your feet and hands. Break free in joy and you will feel the binds release as you fall into My arms with laughter and tears of joy.


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