When you pray, you must know what your prayer looks like in the spirit. As you are tapped into My Spirit, your prayer should shift things in the spirit realm. They key to see the manifestation of what you pray is to know that you are praying or coming into agreement with what is being prayed on your behalf by the Holy Spirit. This is why praying in tongues is so vital to moving into a deeper and more effective prayer life. When you pray in the spirit, you come into agreement with what Jesus is interceding for you. Time spent in prayer with your natural mind is best spent in worship and adoration. If you truly want to tap into the spirit realm and see a shift in your life, you must ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in what to pray in the spirit.

What you ask in My name as you are in right relationship with Me, I will do. But how will you know what to pray for that is in accordance to the will and purpose for your life? If you want to hit the mark every time, pray in the spirit and ask for an elevation of your heavenly language. If you have been frustrated and feel your prayers have not been answered, it is time to inventory your prayer life and how we communicate. There is no force in all of the universe that can come between an agreement in spirit between you and Me. Your agreement in spirit is the approval and alignment needed for My Spirit to invade and increase your life.

Do not forget the power of prayer. It is your lifeline. It is your cornerstone upon which all you desire to be built and sustained must stand. Begin to challenge yourself to go into deeper levels of prayer and meditation. This will not only groom you for what is to come, you will reach a new level in relationship with Me, which is preparing you for your purpose. It is through prayer strongholds are broken. Through prayer I am able to equip you with what you will need to run your race. Through prayer I am able to show you the way. Through prayer I am able to affirm you in the desires of your heart.

I do not seek to elevate you and have your foundation set on sinking sand, which is a feeble prayer life. Talk with Me. Listen for My voice. Commune with the Holy Spirit. Gain revelation. To become who I am calling you to be you must increase in your prayer life. I am not asking for hours of prayer, I am moving you into achieving earnest and effective prayer. To fulfill what I have revealed to you, you will need power. You will need to be effective. You will need to be a warrior in prayer. When you open your mouth, devils should tremble and the fullness of My presence should completely engulf what you speak over.

If you want more, become relentless in seeking to pray with power. It is power you will need, you will feel it when you open your mouth and your spirit begins to pour out words from Heaven like a mighty rushing river.

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