There is an untapped revelation of the inheritance you are to claim. Standing on the edge of a rushing river, I watch you wait to understand what it means when I call you heir. The river represents all that is passing you by with each moment you do not pray for revelation of the crown and anointing you carry. To be an heir you first have to know you stand to inherit something. You must also be aware of when the transfer of what you stand to inherit will take place. As you currently understand it, you inherit after the one who possessed what would be passed on, has passed on themselves. When you are an heir to the One who possesses all, you stand to inherit all. Jesus died so you might inherit all that was promised to Him in eternal life. So what are you not claiming?


You are an heir to the spirit of The One who holds the world in His hand. As you were reborn, you inherited the all knowing and powerful spirit of your Father. As an heir to the spirit of God, you are to lay hold of and claim all that is related to your purpose. As you gain revelation of what is necessary to fulfill your purpose, you must begin to pray for the revelation of how to fulfill that purpose with the resources released to you at the time of transfer. You are to transition to from living within the confines of the world, and begin to live in the realm of the everlasting and supernatural. You are not merely an heir to things which will also pass away, you are an heir to the all reaching power of the Spirit which holds the light that extinguishes all darkness.


You are an heir.


As an heir you must begin to take on the mindset of victory and the rightful establishment of glory to pour out of every aspect of your life. As an heir I am calling you to live in the forever more. I am calling you to reach within dimensions and space and pull out what no man has the power to harness, define, or take away from you. I am calling you to walk in the right knowledge of who you are — an heir to the Spirit which dwells upon the throne of Heaven. This is a living transfer of wealth. This is a living transfer of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. This is a living transfer of the power of purpose and the authority to call it forth. You are an heir to a fresh and mighty wind which is blowing upon the lands. A fresh wind that brings new life, dominion, and a reign of right purpose and peace. As a son and daughter of My Spirit, I am calling you to lay hold of the throne I have given you in this dimension and reign with Me in a season of change, prosperity and peace.


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