The Dawn

The sun is rising on all that was slumbering. The sun is warming what was dormant for a night. The sun is rising on your purpose. The dawn is here. It is morning. The light is shining in your spirit and calling forth all you have experienced in the cover of a dream.

The dawn is here. That sweet morning light that draws you into a time of glory and the manifestation of My Spirit. The dawn is here. No longer do you slumber in the natural. No longer do you tire yourself with clenched eyes to endure what does not resemble what I have promised. You are laying hold of what I have promised. The dawn is rising on your thoughts, your prayers, your conversations, and your worship.

Soon you will stand in the midday sun and enjoy the full light and glory of who you are created to be. In this moment, rest in the dawn and allow revelation to continue to flood your mind. Remain prayerful and rejoice in every moment revealed. The dawn is the beginning of a day that will move into a season that never sees another dark night.


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