Proclaim the good news. You do not have to pray and agree in silence. Proclaim who I’ve called you to be and who I’ve said you are. Stand up and speak boldly within your calling. Stand up and proclaim that you are divinely positioned to stand where I have placed you, and soar into where I am calling you.

Do not sit idle and mourn your calling. Do not picture it in your mind as a distant star you are unable to reach. Who’s report will you believe? What must you be told to stand up and lay hold of what I have been grooming you for? Why must you sit in shadows and long for what I have already released to you? It begins when you begin to proclaim. A silent warrior is not the same as a wise warrior. I do caution you to not cast your pearls. I do caution you to kick the dust off of your feet and not to commune with fools, but I also call you to proclaim the good news of your calling with wisdom and the knowledge of divine positioning.

Are you a child of mine? Have you become lukewarm? Are you jaded? How can you become jaded by the glory of The Lord? Surely I tell you, you have not experienced the fullness of My presence if an encounter does not wholly set you on fire. Where is your fervor? Proclaim the visions I have spoken to you like the prophets of old. With exhortation and a right spirit begin to move toward where I am calling you. Do not hang your head low and proclaim the glory of The Lord. Raise your hands and proclaim with the power of the Holy Spirit what I have spoken to you. Do not contribute to one more solemn conversation in My name. I am the all mighty God, strong in battle and able to complete the works I set in motion. If you choose to cradle your calling, be prepared for your spirit to remain an infant. I will assign someone who drinks milk to feed you milk as My spirit moves mightily upon those who seek the meat of the fire of My Spirit.

This Earth will shake. Will you be swallowed whole? Will you cower, seeking shelter from those I am raising up? Or will you stand atop the mountain proclaiming the good news and telling of the coming of the Kingdom.

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