It is by the Word that I call you into the next season of your life. It is by the word that I would have you stand upon what is true. It is by the word that  I would tell you to take possession of the land. It is by the word that I would call you out of your hiding place and place you in the promise I have made. It is by the word that I would have you inhabit all that I have promised you. It is by the word that you would experience all I have for you. It is by the word that you would come to know Me and not live separate from the word I have spoken.

It is by the word that all you seek is made manifest, and all you wish to accomplish lives in the certainty of completion by My hand.

Do you remember the word? Do you remember the words I have spoken to you? Do you remember what I said the outcome would be?

When you are uncertain. When you feel the ground will not stop shaking, there is a lifeline in the midst of chaos, but you must let go and choose to cling to the one thing that will never fail you. The word. The word is your lamp stand when all is dark. The word is your sure victory when all else is telling you that you will fail. The word is the food you eat and the drink you drink. The word is what you come to know in every aspect of your life that has become shaken and unsure. You will find your footing in the word. You will find the vision that must come to pass in the word. You will find the truth in the word.

What has been promised to you? What has been spoken over you that requires My hand to see it come to pass? What is that thing that cannot come to pass unless the word spoken comes to pass as it was promised?

My word does not return void. It is never foolishly spoken, and fault cannot stand in the midst of My word. What it will require is your faith. What it will absolutely need is your willingness to trust and come to know Me as I truly am — your God, and your provider. If I have spoken it, it must come to pass for there is no word that leaves My lips which can be cast into a void. There is substance in the words I speak. It has weight, and depth, and will surely manifest. Come to intimately know and expect what I say to manifest. Use caution when you think of the details of the manifestation of the word I have spoken. You must know, if there is a plan that can only be made manifest by My hand and your faith, then it carries the complexity of the whole universe in its manifestation.

The release of a word from Me is about trust when you are uncertain. Being uncertain does not disqualify  the promise. Uncertainty is a sign and reminder that you do not hold all of the answers, and you can cast your cares upon Me. When it comes to your promise and destiny, you do not have to be strong, you just have to relentlessly pursue to increase and ask Me to sustain your faith. You have to become an expert in speaking life and rebuking all that will come to cause you to be downtrodden and lose focus. Do not accept the devour of your faith, the vision, or the word I have spoken to you. It is the meat that will feed you until the day of the realization of what I have promised.

Do not hang your head low and become loathsome of the days ahead, for I have promised you victory, and victory you will have. Go back to the word I spoke to you and you will find a refreshed faith, a renewed fervor for purpose, and a revived illumination of the path you are to take.

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