Escaping reality and fortifying yourself within the falseness of what allows you to insufficiently pursue your purpose and experience My presence has come to an end. You build fortresses and accept the architect who constructs strongholds within your mind. The stronghold is false, it is but a fluttering image in the wind dressed as a mighty fortress from which you will never be free. The stronghold is only broken by speaking truth to what has planted itself as a lie. I am here to pull down the stronghold, both seen and unseen.


If you seek to be free then accept freedom. The freedom you seek from the battleground of the mind can be achieved. You will need to ready yourself to release the familiar and embrace the unknown which you will begin to experience in spirit. The walls you have built, and the walls you have been preyed upon to bow before and worship are strong only by the strength you give and speak to them. Do not give way to what causes you to mourn and live limited. Do not advertise pain and dress it in sparkling robes, for underneath lies a void and darkness which is waiting to swallow you whole. Rejoice in salvation and every good and perfect thing I am presenting to you.


I am calling you now to call upon Me to pull down the stronghold. I will be the anchor and the chain and the good words I speak over you will be the force needed to pull down the walls you have lived within for so long. You do not have to live with pain, regret, heartbreak, a downtrodden spirit, or wear the mask of joy when you truly suffer in silence. You do not have to experience segmented joy which is shrouded in the deceit of feeling less than and empty. The stronghold cannot stand in My presence but you must back away from what you have been clinging to and allow My wings to cover you as I raze and destroy the walls around you. You will hear the sound of crashing false ideas and emotions, but the aftermath will not harm you. The dust will not settle upon your head. You will arise new and made whole. You will know that the walls you once advertised to all who sought to be in relationship with you have fallen. You will know that I am now able to fully operate within you and bring you into an everlasting time of prosperity and wholeness.


You will be rich in peace and love. You will live in the abundance of My love and the words I have spoken over you. You will renounce your kingship over the dead and decaying life you once lived and walk into the light of My promise and presence. You will no longer cling to the stronghold, you will cling to Me. You will cling to the spirit which lives in and works through you to produce a reality cloaked in the grace and glory of My Spirit. Let the stronghold come down and live refreshed and anew.


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