Love Is

God describes the immeasurable love He has for us. A wise love is one that we should all seek to have and come to know as we increase our relationship with Him.


The enormity and vastness of My love for you is unfathomable. I know this because unless you know the end from the beginning there is no way for you to comprehend the love I have for you. There is a tenderness when I think of you, one that can only be felt from a father for His child. Many times you question how deep My affection for you goes. Many times you are deceived into thinking I will show My affection for you like your loved ones on Earth show their love for you. When a parent cares for their child there is a limitation on how deep they can feel that love even when it is at its deepest level of love and affection. As The Creator, speaking things into existence and knowing how they will flourish or perish creates another dimension of love.


The love I have for you is not a wild or uncontrollable love. I do not love you in a way where I lose Myself as you may experience in your relationships. My love is wise, it is transcendent, and it never fades. My love for you comes with The Perspective. The outlook where there is no disappointment, there is no lack, and there is no limit. As deep as you can fathom a love can go, the love I have for you is only comprehended by the purest form of love. Because I am love, I can give love in a manner that cannot be defined because it cannot be wholly documented, weighed or measured.


The accounts you have, based on the testimonies the showing of My love has given you, is less than a fraction of the capacity I have to love and show love. The revelation of the love I have for you will indeed set you free. You cannot live believing in Me, knowing I am here to care for you, and trust that My love for you is as big as I say it is, and remain in the bondage of questioning or undervaluing the love and affection I have toward you. There isn’t anything on, above, within, or under the Earth that knows you as I do. It is this knowing, because of who you are created to be, that an uninhibited love relationship between us can only reveal the plan, path, value and miracles I have placed within you. It is My desire to see you produce, and I only seek to love you into who you truly are.


Love is about trust. As you begin to trust My love, you will experience an unlimited amount of dimensions reflecting that love. Everything I am is birthed from love, lives in love, and is shown through love. The makeup of all time, space and dimension, are living within the beautiful creating thought of love. Love in its pure form cannot be degraded and this is the love I have for you. If it is love you seek, seek Me. I am a love that will never return void. I am a love that wants to completely envelop you in the goodness of the love I have for you. If you want to keep an elevated perspective of love, and how to love others, know that a wise love is one that is rooted in the only good soil everlasting love can be perpetuated, and that is in Me. If you seek to plant yourself in Me, I will begin to reveal the power of love. In this, you will not only gain revelation of who I am, but you will also have access to show love in a way that produces life. My love does not worry. My love does not wonder. My love does not live with limit. My love does one thing, it creates and sustains life and beauty beyond measure. Live love and you will begin to truly live.



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