Treasure is held in those who seek to possess the riches of Heaven. As you seek to pour out your gifts, as the Holy Spirit leads, you will come to know and be intimate with the treasure you carry. This intimacy is the key to not casting your pearls before swine, but pouring out precious oil upon those who are in need of what you carry. You are to pull on the gifts and anointing of each other so you may be filled all the days of your life. The treasure of your brother or sister is not to be coveted, it is to be seen as a gift from God which is available to you as a child of God. Stir up the gift and pull on the anointing of the one who holds they keys you seek.


Relationship with Me does not begin and end in prayer or supplication. You are to be in relationship with Me as you encounter those who have been filled with the glory of the Lord. Know the treasure you carry and always be willing to give it away as the Holy Spirit leads you. As you pour yourself out, I would have you understand one thing, you are the clay. You are a fragile earthen vessel who holds the precious oil of your anointing and gifts. This fragile shell you carry is to be fully submitted to Me as you seek to be a blessing to others so you will not be crushed by what comes to destroy or pull from you.


This is why you sure yourself up in the good fruit I offer. You eat from the tree of My Spirit so you may be sustained as you go through the pain of being a true servant of the Kingdom of Heaven. The riches of Heaven dwell within you, and the falseness of the world attempts to break the shell you carry so you may spill your anointing on infertile ground, leaving you empty and grief-stricken. You are the clay, and by the fire of My Spirit, I will continue to reshape you all the days of your life. I will continue to break you down and remake you as a larger vessel to carry more treasure. Each time you are stretched into a new season of your life, take it as a blessing for I am enlarging you to hold more, so you may pour out more.


I will never break you down and remake you into a smaller image of My Spirit. As you submit yourself to Me, I only seek to give you new and refreshed perspective of how I am reshaping your vessel to carry more. Rejoice in being fragile clay, able to be broken and reshaped by your Father to continue to move you into the greater things I have for you. Seek Me in all things and I will protect you from what comes to shatter you. Also know, as life beats on you like an unrelenting wave, there is no manner in which you can be broken that I cannot rebuild. Give it all to Me and I will hold you in My hand, broken, seeking to be whole, or shattered. I will make all things new and elevate you into the potters throne room where only the rarest of treasures emerge.


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