Do you know My presence? Do you know when I am with you? Can you sense when I am pulling you into the more? Do you know what is Holy? Do you know that you are to seek to attain one thing?

Become holy.

I will not ask you to become anything I am not able to transform you into. I am calling for a holy people. A people who will accept the call. A people who will seek Me to know what it truly means to become Holy. I am the living God. Through Me all things are possible. You are made possible through the parts of the whole of who I am which I have deposited into you. You are to made whole. You are to be completely complete through the wholeness of who I am. I am holy and therefore I am calling you to become holy.


Becoming is the greatest journey you will experience. Becoming is one of the greatest joys of this life you live. To overcome and set your feet on the path of  becoming causes Me to move in your life. To accept the ground that will shake beneath your feet and you take up the spirit of becoming who I have called you to be is a great gift and gives Me great joy. Why would you want to be less? Why would you want to live one moment outside of the glory of becoming like your Father? The invitation is here. Become holy. Become one who is pursuing the truth. You are powerful, you are anointed, and you are called for such a time as this. Do not look upon your neighbor and only acknowledge who I have called them to be. I have called you.

Become holy.

I will make you new. I will make you holy. I will make you into a spirit that has the full knowledge and revelation of who you truly are. You will know Me as you never have before. To carry the spirit of God within you, is to be holy. To carry Me in your heart and mind, and speak from your spirit,  is to become holy.

I have not called you to ascend to Heaven because you are holy. I have called you to command Heaven to descend upon the Earth to make those who have not found the truth whole. Because you are holy, you are set apart. Because you are set apart, you are called. Because you are called, you are holy.

Become holy.

I am calling you. I am pulling you. I am commanding your spirit.

Become holy. 

Seek Me. Seek your Father. Seek the part of you that is whole.

Embrace who I named you to be. You are a child of mine. You are holy.



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