My burden is light and My yoke is easy. If you feel the weight of the world upon you, return to Me. You are not meant to carry the burden of your flesh nor the burden of others. Give your burdens to Me and I will give you rest. Give your burdens to Me and carry them no more. If I call you free, let no man tell you that you are bound. If I’ve called you wonderful, let no man call you less than. I walk with you in all things and I will carry you through all things if you will let Me. I have not called you to shoulder anything other than the joy and peace I freely give to you. If you are weighed down, then you are operating out of alignment. Return to Me so I may show you how to live a little lower than the Heavens. Return to Me so I may show you how to plant your feet on the solid rock and allow your spirit to live above all that seeks to remind you of the troubles you could carry. But you do not need to carry them, give your burdens to Me.

My yoke is easy. I do not place upon your neck what will cause you to live bound and ineffective. I adorn you with the jewels of Heaven. I dress you in the royalty of your salvation and call you fearfully and wonderfully made. Allow the goodness of My Spirit to overtake your life and you will know what it means to live unchained and completely free.

Rebuke what makes you heavy, and cast away what drives Heaven from you. You are to be one with Me. This means you understand together, I carry what you cannot, and in return, I impart to you the blessings and treasures of Heaven, so you may be a testimony of what it means to be in relationship with Me. You are a walking testimony of grace. You are a bright and shining light of the promise of everlasting life. Hand Me your chains and take the precious jewels of peace and love. Cover yourself in the precious armor of salvation, righteousness, truth, peace, faith, and the spirit, then walk boldly into this world and proclaim the good news,

“The battle is the Lord of Heavens armies! It is not my own! Seek Him and He will carry your burden as well. He will trade your pain for His riches. Taste and see that the Lord is good. He reigns forever and ever!”


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