A stable spirit is one that is willing to flow with Me. As I am a mighty rushing river, you are the waterfall pouring out what I impart to you upon the Earth. If you are not moving, you have become disconnected. If you do not feel a longing to do the seemingly impossible as it relates to your purpose, then you have been still too long. Seek Me where I am and you will find what is flowing toward destiny and purpose. I will only call you to be still when I am shaping you to move. Movement in the spirit is everlasting and will always be. Be wary of one who calls you to grow comfortable in the sedentary.


You are a living, breathing, moving being. You are to call upon the Holy Spirit to move in and through you like the mighty wind He is. He will guide you down the paths within the flow of My Spirit that will rush upon those who are to be changed and moved by what I am doing through you.


Do not attempt to move what will not rise. One who clings to their sinking sand will only be saved by My hand. Be mindful in your everyday interactions to always introduce My Spirit into the atmosphere and I will do the rest. It is your job to move, spreading the good news of love, peace, and joy wherever you go. It is the job of the Father to cause the spirit of those who are slumbering to awaken to where I am calling them.


There is much to do in this time. If you feel shaken, rejoice. If you feel swept up in the river of My Spirit count it all joy. I am pulling what can be stretched, and moving what can be shaped to understand the flow of what I am doing in this time. Be willing to forsake all you have come to know and take My hand. We will travel to places you have never known, but find solace in knowing your Father knows all. I will never take you to a place where I am unsure of the outcome. Rest in knowing I have your spirit’s best interest not only in mind, but I created the path that works best for you only holding your spirit in mind. Rebuke the flesh that causes you to fear change, for without change you make yourself lower than the least creation because you cannot be used. Rejoice in every new season for I am taking you from glory, to glory, to glory.


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