As you are in pursuit of Me, you never have to pursue or scrape for provision from another. As you grow in faith, you will also come to know and trust Me as your provider. If I provide little, I will also provide much. Do not concern yourself with what another person extends to you, for I have preordained a promise to be made manifest from what you encounter in this life. Do not say, “I am worth more.” Simply know that your Father knows your worth and rewards you based on the position of your heart. The work of your hands is to be covered in the residue of a true servants heart. In this, you will find your heavenly Father well pleased with you, and approach you with an open hand of abundance.

I will care for you in all things, and take care of what seeks to harm you. I will move you out of situations where you will be harmed and will move you into what will prosper, stretch, and build you. If you find yourself perpetually under-compensated, check the position of your heart. Repent for the greed which attempted to enter into your heart and I will see you through to the opportunity that will elevate you from your current place of lack. Seek what I value and I will flood you with blessings you are able to spend in the earth.

Do not attempt to settle your own affairs. Maintain your position of humble servant, and I will raise you up to bless a generation who will serve in connection to what you have been truly purposed for. Serve low and you will reign high. Take care in well-doing, never boasting about what you are owed. Serve as if I have increased your salary, and you will come to know abundance in your life. Fix your eyes on Me and run the race before you.

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