You only have to choose Me once. The many subsequent choices you will have to make in life will not weigh on your salvation, they will weigh on your ability to realize the fullness of what I have for you. Within this fullness lies the key to unlocking the life that works for you as opposed to you working for it. The way to achieve this life is through the revelation of your relationship with the Holy Spirit and the revelation of the path.


Once on the path, you are walking into and amongst all which is purposed to fulfill, motivate, activate, and produce change in the world. Outside of this path, you are merely walking around the paths of others, living a false veiled life, peeking into the paths your flesh finds comfort in, and never realizing what I have laid out for you which is made for you and only you. This life is filled with relying on your senses. This life is filled with trying to decipher a perspective of the world that is only meant to confuse you and cause you to spend your days walking in circles around what you are truly purposed for.


Your spirit has an insatiable longing to live on the path and fulfill and experience the true nature of your purpose– to experience heaven on earth, and to shine a light to eliminate the darkness that succeeds in swallowing so many. There is one simple choice amongst many difficult choices you will have to make. Choose life. Choose to live by the urgings of your spirit. Choose to seek the Holy Spirit as you never have before. Through the Holy Spirit, your eyes are opened to the beautiful truth– you are not here to soak up all you can before you die. You are here to allow as much of heaven, as it pertains to your purpose, to flow through you to effect and add to the lives of others.


Live in the abundance of the seeking knowledge of the revelation of the anointing and purpose of your spirit. Seek relentlessly to get to know the real you, then take what you learn and become a flood light of love, peace and grace this world has never seen.

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