The Word flows from Me. I do not deposit a Word into anyone then disassociate Myself from it. If it is from Me, you will see the fruit of what it promises. You will experience what was promised as it will come to pass. Things spoken in My name that are truly promises and mandates from Heaven, will see their time of reign in the Earth. If you experience a word that has been washed in the flesh and fed through the mind, before it leaves the lips, rebuke this word, and ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse you of the false thing that tried to penetrate your spirit.


Discernment is the key to knowing what is for you, and what comes to destroy you. You are able to gain knowledge of a person’s true intentions through the discerning of your spirit. You never have to take someone at their word. Ask for what they speak to be confirmed in your spirit, before you allow it in your system. An unconfirmed word is void and will be cast out. Discernment is your spirits recognition of another true or false spirit. In order to operate fully in discernment, you must receive the power of the Holy Spirit, which activates the power I have placed within your spirit. Through your connection with the Holy Spirit, no false spirit will be able to stand in your midst and proclaim anything false to, or over you.


I have given you the power and authority to call forth all truth through the power of the Holy Spirit. My children will never be left unguarded to be preyed on by the many enemies that come to steal and destroy your destiny. Do not curse another person for their mistake or sin against you. Instead, call out the spirit which has caused them to speak falsely, and partner with them in your prayer time to call the Holy Spirit to come upon them and cast out what has come to destroy both of you. A person who is weak in their spirit and untrained in their mind, will eat fruit that smells of righteousness, but lack the discernment in their spirit to cast it out before it takes root. This false belief then begins to spew out of their mouth, posing as the truth.


It is time for the person who speaks falsely to be brought out into the open and offered good fruit. They will be given a chance to cast out the thoughts and ideas which have kept Me out of their hearts, and extended the opportunity to lay down their veiled words and take up their crown of victory and right speaking. Pray for discernment in all you do. Do not speak a word to another that has not been confirmed by Me. Do not arrogantly speak into another life based on the experiences your mind has comprehended to be helpful and true. Only a word deposited and watered by the Holy Spirit, then delivered from your spirit to who you have been commissioned to speak into will produce life. All else will be seen as foolish proclamations and will fall to the ground.


I will exalt those who seek Me for a new, right, and powerful tongue. I will release them into the world to cast out all false spirits and bring this world into a time of spiritual cleansing through the words of their mouth and the utterances from the Spirit.

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