The Natural

Each new day brings a new opportunity to experience the fullness of living in the spirit. Many find it difficult to balance their natural lives with their spiritual lives. While you are focusing on a day-to-day task, there is not an awareness of what your spirit may be doing in that moment. In this, you have compartmentalized the most important part of you, and are now relying on your natural functions to carry you through most of your day. You have defined your prayer time as time where you can collect yourself to receive help, and covering when you are operating in your natural self. This has  become a time set aside to focus on our relationship, and a time to get recharged and centered in the spirit –but  why are you drained? Why are you out of alignment?


Operating in the world successfully and effectively has become impossible for most people. The shortest amount of time is spent caring for yourself in spirit because of the lack of revelation you carry about the power of who you truly are. The body you care for, and the knowledge you seek to amass, will only carry you through this very short life. Living this way, is living less than, or out of alignment with who you were created to be. Remembering to call upon Me when you have run out of resources in the natural is like watching your body decay with disease and only going to the Dr. when you are sure the over the counter medicine will not save you. Yes you are covered by grace, yes you possess power in your tongue, yes My spirit is with you, but have you truly activated the resources of Heaven to lead your life, and make every moment maximized by the endless resources your spirit has access to?


Why cut yourself short? Why live your life focused on what will perish? Why allow your spirit to remain in an infant state, while you try to carry out all you have deemed is necessary in the natural? Many believe they are living life while seeking the Kingdom first. Hear Me when I say, if the Kingdom is on your mind then you are surely lost. The Kingdom is to pour out of you in everything you do. Even in the smallest task, your spirit should be at the forefront of all you do. How do you achieve a new level of perspective to govern your everyday life? You eat, drink, sleep, speak, and live love. With love, the Holy Spirit can remain among you. You are no longer operating with grace walking beside you to keep you out of harm. You begin to live with love and grace pouring out of you, as you are filled in each moment with the treasures of Heaven.


When you live your life constantly open to being filled by Me, you will have no choice but to give all I have given you away. Living this life, you will never feel depleted, you will never feel misunderstood, and you will never feel you are lacking. I care deeply and openly for those who have received the revelation of seeking Me first. Never think of your needs first, leave that to Me. Care for those around you without condemnation and without holding back. I will see that you have every door opened to you as it relates to your purpose. As you are emptied onto the face of this planet, I will make sure you never lack in any area of your life.


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