Do not allow a word to be deposited in your life, only to leave in dormant in your spirit. A word that falls beneath the flesh and does not begin to take root and bear fruit, is a dismissal of the relationship I am calling you into. My love and grace will never leave you, but the advancement and manifestation of the promise in your life has the potential to die in your hands. I did not create you to roam wanting, with your hand outstretched like a beggar for a meal. I offer you eternal life first, then I call you into realizing who you are in spirit. With this realization, you are to be made whole by the word I release to you, and by unceasingly pursuing to know every facet of what pertains to the entirety of you.

If you are not invested in fully knowing who you are in spirit, how can we spend time discussing your future? Your future in My eyes, has the reflection and glory of Heaven, for it was birthed in Spirit, and can only grow and manifest as you come to know what I have placed on the inside of you. If you are not concerned with who you really are, and what I have already completed in you, why do you believe you will create a vine and branch outside of who you are called to be in spirit? Every endeavor not sought in spirit, is an endeavor birthed in and will surely perish with the flesh. The everlasting is deposited into the part of you that is everlasting. What you attempt to rationalize within the limited understanding of your mind, will birth unripe, and bitter fruit.

The keys to all you seek lies in one thing, relationship with Me. A deep understanding and seeking to know who I am, so you may come to know who you are, is the only way to freedom and the manifestation of the abundance of Heaven in your life. Do not merely seek the teachings of man. Do not reduce yourself to doctrine to draw conclusions about the life I have created for you. I will reveal all you need to know, and give you the gift of discernment to accept or reject other fruits that are offered to you. If the fruit is bitter, spit it out of your mouth, and return the remainder to the one who offered it to you, for their tree is not planted in good soil, and will not bring forth the fruits of the spirit. It is by The Spirit you are moved, and it is by The Spirit, you are called to follow. This is the only way to everlasting prosperity and a true revelation of your purpose, and what I am doing in the Earth.

Ask for a watch to be put over your mouth, that you would not spew nor eat poison. I will have you witness glory, to glory, to glory, but you can only experience the fullness if you are truly seeking Me in spirit. This is the only place the truth lives, and is the only place you will find everlasting life.


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