Seek confirmation in quiet. All I have revealed to you will be confirmed. When you hear a word of confirmation, receive it in quietly in spirit and then praise for My word is true. Power will not come to those who boast and create a spectacle of My Word and revelation. I will elevate those who understand the authority in a quiet mind and spirit. One who shows the supernatural through quiet eyes and a humble tongue. This is the spirit of one who has truly received revelation of what is to come.

All will know by your testimony, but do not make a spectacle of yourself. Be like the Holy Spirit, who works through the quiet urgings to bring you into all truth and revelation. I will make many followers of the one who heeds these words. One who understands the fire of My Spirit does not come upon one who boasts, but only upon those who have truly found and have come to know Me in their quiet time.

I will rebuke those who use the gifts I have given them to create a show for themselves. I will bless with more riches than this Earth has seen those who understand the power of a single touch when tapped into the true anointing of My Spirit. Those who will use what I have given them for the growth and advancement of others. Those who understand power is to be given, not kept for personal gain or to bring fear to others for reverence for themselves.

I will shut the mouths of those who boast in My name and make sounds of roaring thunder for those who are slow to speak and quick to listen to the Holy Spirit. Transformation will come to and flow out of those who I have gifted to look into the spirit realm, and those who carry Me with them a quiet power enough the break every stronghold the enemy has on your lands with a single word from Heaven.


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