The Way

There is no will greater than My will. If will creates a way, then each path you attempt to create on your own was paved first by Me.When I give you the desires of your heart, I have made a way for all you desire, all you wish to desire, and all you do not feel you deserve. I am the way maker and I am also your creator. This truth is one of the greatest truths you are to learn. I have created a path for you, designed for you, only thought about with you in mind, and it is My will, as you come to know, Me that you realize, and walk on this path.


This path carries all you need. Many are unsure how to discover the path, or are unsure of its existence. If you will surrender your will to mine, there is no way that cannot be made. Understand you carry the image and power of My Spirit. With that, you are able to tap directly into the mind, will, and love that created all you need to be successful, joyous, full of peace, and effective in this life. If you would adopt My characteristics, and surrender yourself to the power I desire to give you, you will never lack in the riches of Heaven.


It is My will for you to know who I am, and find yourself at the center of that discovery. It is My will that you would come to understand the power of submitting yourself to Me. I will never crush you, I only seek to elevate you. To walk you into the dominion and power I have placed before you. You hold the choice of life and death before you, and I am giving you access to The One who holds eternity. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal this to you. That you would come into a deeper level of understanding, and revelation, which can only come from submission, and a humble spirit. You have many doors you would like to see unlocked. In this place I have been handing you the keys.



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