The work I began will be completed. I will pour out My Spirit upon the lands, and wash the Earth in glory. During this time of outpouring, those who have come to know Me will experience the anointing, which now, only exists in the throne room. An outpouring of My Spirit will bring a magnificent glow in the spirit to those who have been chosen to take on the role of high priest. You will walk amongst those who are blind, and open eyes to behold the glory of the Lord.


You will proclaim the goodness of God, and with an outstretched hand, see the mountain erupt in praise. I will kiss with fire those who have been marked to stand in the high place, and experience the fullness of who you will come to know Me to be. As I have written on the hearts of many, I will loosen the tongue of the prophet to prophesy over nations. To proclaim the change which is upon you. To blow like a mighty wind with the Holy Spirit at their back, ushering in the presence of the Lord.


I will reign in the Earth. You will know it is I who dwells among you. You will know by the testimony of others proclaiming they have tasted the glory of God. Sweet like honey, their mouths will spread the good news and point the way to the mountain. I will pour out My Spirit through the hands of those I have cleansed in fire to carry the anointing oil of My Spirit into far and distant lands. All will see the glory of the Lord. Those who believe Me to be dead, un-risen, and not all-powerful, will shrivel in the presence of My Spirit and cry out to be saved, and I will greet them with open arms. Go out now and proclaim the good news. A new season is coming. You are at the threshold of the reign of The Lord within the Earth.



MixxLife appreciates all who partner with us to expand and grow the platform God has given us to release His word. Whether you give a tenth or whatever you can, we love you and pray God will bless and multiply every good area of your life.



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