The Stone

Justice served is a heart that loves through trial, not one who seeks to bring someone to justice through a broadcast of their shame or harmful act. I will judge harshly those who present another before Me for trial. If someone wrongs you, pray blessing over them. Seek Me for a transformation of your heart to truly extend yourself to them, and call on Me to increase them. The one who prays for those who wrong them, becomes a true disciple of Christ. Pray the grace I have shown you be extended to those who are lost, and they will transform into one who shouts word of honor and praise instead of poison.

I will elevate those who lower themselves, even when nails are being driven into your feet as you bow down. I will light the way to the treasures of Heaven to those who call upon Me to deliver the one who has plotted their demise. If you can look upon yourself, blameless, without sin, and without shame, then I will invite you now into the Kingdom of Heaven. If you can not say this, remain humble, remain the clay, and I will mold you into the righteousness of God.



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