The Takeover

I am calling you to tap in, then takeover. The tools you need to develop to change and shape nations are in these words. Meditate on them, become who I’ve called you to be, and come to know the power you carry. You are capable of all things if you are pursuing and operating in your purpose. As you are pursuing purpose, your purpose is also pursuing you. As you are pursuing Me, I am also pursuing you. I am releasing word and instruction everyday to bring you to a place of complete spiritual awakening, and bring you into the next phase of your life. No longer shall you approach this world timidly. I am calling you to boldly declare what I am imparting into you. I am calling you to boldly declare every teaching and every revelation. I am calling you to walk in the power and authority I have birthed in your spirit. I am calling you to cloak yourself in the anointing oil of My spirit and carry it into every area of your life.


When you tap into your anointing, you will no longer yearn to be effective, you will begin to transform lives by living the life you are called to. There are others assigned to assist in your purpose and some assigned to be changed by you walking in alignment. Both of these instances are to ignite a flame within your spirit and the spirit of others to takeover. The reach I possess in the Earth to transform and takeover every facet of all you have come to know is limitless. It only requires one who is willing to relinquish all they have come to know, and submit themselves for complete transformation. What you currently experience as power, and what you currently experience that motivates you to pursue more, is a touch away from no longer having to struggle to bring change. If you will truly come to know Me, I will truly elevate you to shake nations with a single command into the Heavens. The Earth will shake with the declarations from My children. Industry will change with a pull into the spirit realm to bring Heaven to Earth.


If you are reading these words, I am calling you. Pray for revelation of the power you carry. Remove your eyes from the endeavors of man, and focus them on Me. I am the source of your strength. I am the breath of life that will resurrect every dead place in the Earth, according to My plan, and your purpose. I do not call you higher to watch you crawl on your belly crying out for an effective life. I call you higher so you will stand in mile wide gaps, your arms outstretched, with a host of angels surrounding you to move forward on the words you declare as they are birthed from your spirit. The declarations of one who has been remade in the image of grace, power, love and elevated perspective, is one whose manifestation of spiritual gifts will raze dynasties, and rebuild this dying Earth in the intended mirror image of Heaven. I will reign in the Earth, and I will do it through you. It is time for the takeover.




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