To transcend is to reject the limits you are taught to live within, and accept the limitless. The only way to transcend, is to become a mindful person who is no longer governed by the mind. If your mind is in control of what drives and guides you, you will be misguided, or only guided into what is tangible. Even if you obtain far beyond what you imagined, it still has limits. The limitless only exists in your spirit. Your spirit is the only thing you possess that has a memory and knowledge of what lies beyond the fence of your mind, and the world around you. Tapping into your spirit gives you access to what your mind fails to comprehend. An immoveable force exists within you. This force is the connection between your spirit and My Spirit. At the center of this meeting, is a power to transcend, to completely go beyond all limitations and confines of the mind.


This is spiritual awakening.


I am not calling you into a spiritual awakening so you may increase the quality of your life. I am calling you to awaken to the power you carry, so this world will be transformed. You are only able to live in the supernatural, if you are able to surrender to a perspective greater than your own. I will give you eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that has been transformed to be governed by your spirit and not your mind. To transcend as I am calling you to, is to reach a level of spiritual maturity this world has not seen. It is not intellectualized, it is known by faith and realized through the ability to speak what lives in Heaven to manifest on Earth. Transcendence is not to free you from this wretched world. I do not call you higher so you may escape, I call you higher so you may save. I am calling you out of the natural, so you may experience what lies within, and without, the dimensions of this world. I call you out of the natural so you will know the importance of breaking the fabric that binds so many, and take what you have gained in your spirit to a world that is dying.


All you gain from Me, is meant to be given to another. I do not elevate those who will sit in high places, never allowing their abundance to overflow into the hearts and minds of others. The perpetual flow from the spirit realm into the natural realm, is what will cover the drought. All are seeking and only a few are finding. Go out and be what you gain in our time together.


This is the beginning.



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