I do not make demands, I urge you into what will grow and prosper you. The false teaching that I am a cruel God, is the teaching of one who themselves is cruel. Those who have discovered love, have discovered Me. I only reveal, so you will know what you too are capable of. I am all things, therefore, you have access to all things. You have received the revelation of peace and love, therefore, you have received power.


Know if you have peace, you have power. If you have peace, you are operating outside of the confines of the world, and are pressing into the treasures of Heaven. A true revelation of the power of relinquishing your life into the unchanging hand of My love, is a revelation of how to live your life free from the snares and traps that are set for you. When you begin to walk in peace, you then walk in a power and authority, those around you are unable to comprehend. This is your time to show what it means to be in relationship with Me. I will continue to reveal Myself to you. I will continue to open the eyes of your spirit to know and discern when you are operating in alignment, and are moving into the next dimensions of your life. Everything is about to change, and for the first time in your life, you are not blindly walking into the next phase. You have gained revelation of the power of moving with Me, and allowing your steps to be guided by My hand. This revelation changes everything. This revelation completely deconstructs the ties on your mind to bind you to this world. This completely destroys all that has been purposed to destroy you. This is a time of rejoicing, and a time of prayer.


You have begun to taste victory. It did not come with bloodshed and battle. It did not come through breaking down those around you. It came through quiet time with Me, seeking to know Me in spirit, and never giving up on the promises I made. Having peace gives you power because it enables you to think clearly, and hear My voice. This is how you win.  You previously lost through loud and boisterous declarations, exclaiming your pursuits and endeavors. You now know what it means to be humble and declare a thing in prayer. You know the taste of victory by the sweet honey I have placed on your lips through effective prayer and supplication. Bringing yourself to Me, battered and broken, is the running start you need to receive the gift of wholeness and relationship. Everything in front of you is now related to purpose. Prepare to live the life I purposed for you, you are standing in the space I created for you.


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