Have I given you the desires of your heart? What you yearn for is a declaration of what has been placed on the inside of you. Many believe they are waiting for Me to manifest what they desire. What you await is revelation and wisdom surrounding true purpose, which is only realized through true relationship with Me. If I have not given you the desires of your heart, seek Me and I will place the desires related to your purpose on your path, and write the blueprint to the manifestation on your lips, and in your spirit.


The desires of your heart are an impartation of every good thing you should long for, as it relates to who I have created you to be. So, have I given you the desires of your heart, or have you? Removing everything from the center of your being that does not mean to truly prosper and increase you, will bring you into a new dimension  of wholeness. I will never remove a thing that does not work for you, without replacing it with what will. If you have been emptied and remain that way, it was not the Holy Spirit who removed what you were carrying. As you seek Me to fill you with what will shape you into bearing good fruit, you will know in your spirit you have been stripped of the dead branches and are now standing on good soil, and producing the fruit that will nourish you, and feed those around you who hunger.


If your desires only fulfill you, then you desire the wrong thing. I place desires that will nurture and increase generations, not moments. Pray for revelation of the desires of your heart. Ask them to be revealed to you for what they are — God-given or man-made. If you become full with the purposed desires of your heart, you will not fail in pursuing to realize them. They are wrapped in a divine yes that no man can bury or destroy.



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